Wednesday, March 27, 2013

asleep at the screen . . .

Oh Good Heavens....It has been a while since I last posted.  That's what happens with the ever-stampeding school year.  Meetings after school with other teachers, administrators, parents, students, clubs, and then the school year flings itself past me. I just finished grading a pile too many of student projects in a rush to get them in the grade book before midnight, the hour that all the A grades turn to pumpkins, and the D grades turn into rats.  Ever-mindful of schedules and deadlines, I like to sidle up against them (the deadlines and schedules) and dare them to cross the line.

Perhaps the best thing about this time of the night is that the house is completely quiet, aside from the snoring bulldog next to me as I type.  An occasional car rolls past out front, the grandpa clock chimes (although it's an hour off since the last time change) and I just finished a wee bit of red rye ale.  I have a week of spring break to look forward to and all my students' projects are nestled close and soundly graded in their basket.  Just wish I could be a little more awake to fully enjoy the sensations. 

Well, anyway--here's a picture of lately.
whoa--some specs there annie

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