Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Break

The best thing about winter . . . bare trees, clean air after a rain, mashing duff (a mix of flora decomp and packed dirt) under your boots on a hike, hot soup, mini mince pies with brandy butter, colored lights, and finally, the time away from the job--2 weeks if you're a high school teacher--to notice things like bare trees, duff, and colored lights.

Anyway, here is my latest picture. Not my latest to draw, but latest to make it onto the computer. I'm pretty lame when it comes to this technology thing. Okay, maybe not lame, but definitely lazy. Try not to notice the great gaps of time between posts--but hey, things happen.

Are you wondering if I actually have fiery red hair these days?

One of the great things about art is the recreation involved in the creation. I get to make images the way they could be if only (--fill in the blank with any alternate experience--). We can be as free as we imagine, at least within the products of our imagination. Then the phrase "I can only imagine" takes on new meaning and value. Image+imagination. Imagine that.