Monday, April 28, 2008

4 months later

Okay--short and sweet. School is almost over for the year. Summer approaches as I (feel the need to) retreat. I have to say, being both a teacher and a student is engulfing, overwhelming . . . yet satisfying. I'm taking two grad classes in the MFA program at SJSU, both are poetry seminars, and both require large amounts of reading and writing. O the responsibility of deadlines! But I think I'm doing alright and after having taken some time off to deal with issues in my personal life, I'm making a steady comeback. Steady is not a bad thing and certainly more my style than splashy would be. Unfortunately, no self-portraits for now, but I intend to make more pictures this summer. I feel there may be a summer writing/illustrating project in the works. More about that later--hopefully before the end of summer. I have a feeling this blogging business will be easier while I'm reaping the benefits of teaching . . . time for art and writing!